Kommalpha Group

The Kommalpha group is an integrated consultancy company for the professional capital market in Europe. We provide advice to suppliers such as asset managers, depositary banks, investment companies, as well as investors (e.g. insurance companies, pension assets), consulting companies and financial software vendors.

Together with our customers we develop and implement strategies for the optimisation of sales, marketing, communication, products, processes and partner structures. Our uniqueness is based on the profound knowledge of and current data on the supply and demand side of the institutional capital market. We speed up our clients′ strategic and operative business development through target-oriented market analytics.

Kommalpha′s team of experts has many years of experience on an executive board level and in senior management positions in the international finance industry. Customers value Kommalpha as a trustworthy and equal partner, that efficiently implements strategies and activities agreed with the client and thus makes a responsible contribution to the achievement of goals.

Kommalpha is based in Isernhagen near Hannover.

Kommalpha creates efficient market communication with added value.

Staying in contact with you is very important to us. At the end of the day, the investment industry is all about communication, and this has a number of dimensions at various levels: communication as a public relations or marketing activity, technical communication, communication between investors and suppliers in the form of reports, efficient meetings or communication with the customer.

Our core success factor is our communication with you as a market participant. Only in this way can we together detect trends, developments or potentials at an early stage and be able to react appropriately.

We would be pleased to talk to you. Visit our website or contact us directly.

Exchanging ideas directly with you and retaining a constant awareness of the current market opportunities and needs - that is our basic principle. Only with this awareness can you operate successfully in the market.

Kommalpha - institutional competence.

Kommalpha AG
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